Merry Christmas!


2017-12-09 Victorian Front Porch Christmas Tour

It’s Christmas time and everyone is looking forward to a day off of work and what they will get under the Christmas tree.One hears Christmas music playing every where & you will hear a “Merry Christmas” from someone as you pass them in the halls, stores, & parking lots.

One gift that maybe under that Christmas tree will be camera. You open the box and now your are ready to go take on the world of photography. Well a lot of phones & cameras are fully automatic with nothing to do but take great pictures. Don’t be disappointed if that picture you thought was the best in the world, doesn’t make the front cover of Time Magazine. It takes time and a lot of work to be a photographer. Here’s is a short list of some of the things you need to do:

Know your camera & camera settings

Know your limits on your lens

Know your triangle (ISO-Shutter-Speed)

Learn about lighting

Get you a tripod

Study books, YouTube, and other photographer’s works

Learn about what you can take pictures of and the liabilities & business licences needed in being hired as a photographer.

Carry a camera with you everywhere. 

Join a professional photographer association

shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, & shoot…. 


Once again, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



Let it Snow

Let it Snow!

It was a cold rainy Friday in Opelika and the Christmas in the Railroad Town event was cancelled because of the weather. North and west of Opelika was getting snow and winterly mix, putting caution for the event. Early Saturday morning(12-09-2017) the snow started and as Opelika begin to wake, it found a light blanket of snow on rooftops and ground. It snowed until about 7 am. I was out trying to get some snow pictures of the event for the Opelika Observer and was able to capture the Salem Shotwell Bridge shown below. 


2017-12-09 Snow 2017- Salem Shotwell Bridge

All Rights Reserved, No Reproduction Without Prior Premission © Noles Photography

Community CPR AED Training in Opelika

If you think you are to old or young to take a CPR course, think again. The Community CPR AED Training in Opelika was great. It goes for about an hour and a half and it full of question/answers and hands on instruction. Answered many questions that were fears and reluctance to do CPR if there was a victim. If you are in need of CPR, the quick thinking and time are on you side if CPR is started in the first 3-4 minutes. Please look up a class near you. Next CPR AED Training in Opelika will be November 16.

2017-10-17 CPR AED Training in Opelika

Montgomery Hobby & Cycle

Happen to be in Montgomery visiting Alice’s mother and went down Forest Avenue near Jackson Hospital. As always, just had to stop to get a pic if something that I had seen for years. As I was taking the picture a truck pulled up and I got to meet  the person that put this bike up when he was 15 yrs old. Now he is 48. Bike came from England and had a motor but motor was taken off but was kept. Motor still in the store. They still work on bikes by appointment only. It was great to know the story behind a picture you take.

2017-08-06 Sunday Picture – Bicycle Shop